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Information Kiosk: How is it used? Why and where to use?

Traveling without an info kiosk has become unimaginable. Whether you have the information kiosk in your pocket in the form of an application on your phone or, even better, in front of the sight you visit, in the form of an application shown on an interactive kiosk – totem.

Every tourist needs to get as much information as possible about the location he is visiting.
When the building for the tour does not have any directions for visiting, nor information about the price of the tickets or the number of institutions you can visit for a given price, the tourist is left to his own. So, the least you want after visiting a place is to feel that you could have gained more from your trip – more knowledge, more information, more real guidance.

,,If you are well and adequately informed,
you save money, time, and nerves.‘‘

We often find only souvenir shops in front of the tour complex, where the sellers willingly provide information about the location. Certainly, the living word means a lot, but the professionalism of the management of the tourist complex is more significant if it offers precise details related to the tour. Therefore, it fully informs its visitors.
This way, the management increases the number of visitors because the good news is transmitted easily and quickly.

Therefore, a company’s business is reflected in its relationship with its users and clients. If the owner of the info kiosk provides the maximum amount of information about the location and then engages the visitor as much as possible, the owner gains the clients’ trust and achieves the quality that users recognize. Your high and professional goals must also have professional engagements.

In the rest of the text, read everything you didn’t know about the information or info kiosk: how it works, where it is best to position it, why use an info kiosk if you are a business owner, director of an institution, tourist, citizen, employee.


It transmits information. It provides users with answers to everything they may be interested. The management that manages the kiosk and places the kiosk in a certain place deals with the users’ needs. The correct information for the user is an irreplaceable treasure because the user:

– Save your time,
– Saves your resources – money,
– He directs his interests where he wants and completes his experience.

There are two types of information kiosk

Static, without a touch screen, which broadcasts one content and does not have to be in digital format. Such an information kiosk has retained its functionality for a long time. Advertises a single product or a set of related products or services. Also, we find it as static wayfinding – a sign for pointing. It can be in a digital format but not interactive, so it only provides what is immediately visible at first glance.

Another type of information kiosk is a dynamic info kiosk, an interactive digital kiosk (totem, wayfinding) displaying real-time information. Also, information is easily changed and managed from home.

These are the basic functionalities and benefits of the info kiosk. We will work out its further application through sectors.


The information kiosk is best placed in a transparent place, where is a high frequency of people. Its the most profitable
is found in:

– In schools and colleges,
– In trade,
– In companies,
– In the hospital complex,
– Outside the tourist sites,
– In a public place.


In schools and universities – the information kiosk becomes a gathering place for students who can browse and take certain content with them. Using the kiosk, students can get information about:

– passed exams,
– exam schedule,
– status of students,
– they can apply for the exam.
Administrations can be shifted to the kiosk, as well as numerous useful contents for students and employees.

In the trade – the information kiosk represents the entire offer of the trade chain. For example, big products that cannot be in the store in all models are displayed on the information kiosk. This saves space as well as employee engagement in product presentation.

In companies – companies have large spaces where many people work. Visitors need to be helped to navigate the space as they need to find certain offices in the building easily. Also, the company’s management, bank management, for example, needs to transfer part of its business to the device. In this way, customer service is accelerated.

In the hospital complex – an info kiosk saves time for the medical staff. The staff can devote themselves fully to the patients, while the kiosk handles the administration. The info kiosk answers frequently asked questions of patients. What needs to be received from the documentation for hospital treatment, then in which period which doctor is on call at the clinic, when are the doctor’s visits, and many other questions. Also, the info kiosk helps visitors find their way around the building with multiple rooms and floors by providing a map of the building.


On the town square – if it is located on the town square, the information kiosk represents the environment where the citizen or tourist is. It provides a map of the city, and presents the city’s sights, activities, surroundings, and all service information. Each location has its own downloadable QR code, so information can be taken with you. Information can be available even without the Internet.
Such an information kiosk retains its functionality for a long time and shows great profitability.

Outside of tourist sites – when visiting an archaeological site or a museum complex, it is necessary to have an information kiosk that will have a map (which could be downloaded). Also, tourists can book tickets, get information about all locations in the complex, and complete information about the tickets- their price, use, and benefits.

Some of the possibilities of info kiosks in various sectors are presented here. You can read our other blog about doubts related to info kiosks in various business branches.


Every business using the information kiosk:

– provides its employees with a digital partner that will support their sales. It will make sales successful, and above all, give customers precise information about products.

– shows that the company thinks about its customers and its employees,

– strengthens its brand,

– in cultural institutions or institutions dealing with tourism, the information kiosk provides the administration with the opportunity to display all sights, and ticket information and is an excellent partner in presenting the location,

– increases your budget.

Citizens and tourists using the information kiosk:

– find the service information they need,

– find information about the environment in which they are,

– can download content such as a map of the city and its surroundings or an application they need to navigate the city.


The info kiosk can be indoor or outdoor. The one tailored to the company would be maximally adjusted to the client’s business needs. From appearance to features, everything is customized to the customer: color, logo, branding, application, application menu overview, content, and hardware features.

The Hola interactive outdoor kiosk is suitable for all businesses, especially for municipalities, city administrations, tourist organizations, and national parks.
The device in the city center is at the service of all citizens. Broadcasts from service information to entertaining ones, make life more beautiful for citizens.

Hola N interactive kiosk 43” and Hola Premium, are great for business. They are used for internal use and are very flexible – they adapt to the ideas of the owner and to the needs of the user and citizens.

We support your ideas. Please send us your opinion about using the interactive kiosk. If we still need to answer all the questions that arise when deciding which kiosk is the best for your sphere of business, write to us. We always find the right solution.

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