Interactive devices are the first brand that we designed in 2019. In your workspace, they attract attention with both - the look and the content that is tailored to the end-users. Their essential functions are to inform and present content. Devices improve your business by gaining satisfied customers - customers have upgraded their knowledge and received information at the desired time.

All three devices, in addition to being functional, have a unique and modern design. The team of designers harmonized the functionality with the aesthetic standards. Devices are reliable business partners - you can rely on them and find answers and inspiration.

Devices are reliable business partners - you can rely on them and find answers and inspiration.

Disinfection devices became recognizable products of our company at the moment when they were created. They immediately gained their importance due to the circumstances that required such products. Hola disinfection devices respect legal standards and at the same time facilitate work processes without additional involvement of people and thus further reduce costs. The products are intended for professional use, for factories, companies, public institutions, and facilities with a high frequency of people. With these devices, visitors feel safe in institutions such as museums, galleries, theaters. It is completely safe, accurate, and easy to use.

A society that is fighting a pandemic, sees in these devices a good companion who cares about safety at work. They not only protect against the current virus, but their use finds wider use - a constant need to maintain cleanliness and good health.

Contactless hand sanitizers are reliable associates. The devices are easy to operate, their service is efficient and they provide a sense of security.

Constant innovation in our company is a result of good cooperation within employes. A team of designers and engineers, our logistical support, and flexible management organization, can make each of your ideas functional and relevant. We can innovate together, work on new products according to your idea or you can leave the whole job to our team. We implement the product from idea to realization precisely and always in accordance with the deadlines. We value our time and yours equally.

The process of creating a new product goes through the following mandatory phases: planning, simulation, testing, production, and put in work. The most important phase of engineers is planning, where all their knowledge is focused on the high functionality of the device. Designers work parallel with engineers. They harmonize the functionality of the product with the components which, in addition to being pleasing, must retain their effectiveness.

Find out how new products develop and how all the details after planning and designing are grouped into one. See how ideas are turned into reality.

Tailor made hardware solutions
Expertise in various domains
You can leave your creative ideas to us. We offer an innovative approach to modern technology. The full commitment of our professional team of engineers and designers is tailored to your project. We can develop complex electronic and mechanical components.
We provide support & delivery
After the cooperation, the delivery of the device must be fast and professional. We take care of logistics, transport and protection against risks in transport through shipment insurance.
Partnership with major players in the industry
We provide our partners new ideas, a new perspective, we upgrade your business concept. Professional Hola's staff implements your every idea responsibly and with dedication. Respecting deadlines and agreed ideas is very important to us. Working with Hola Systems brings better results to your business.
Joint Development
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