We have desireved trust many times
Quality first approach
The ethics of our business is that quality is what we are. A whole team of experienced designers and engineers stand behind every Hola device. We have maintained the trust of our associates based on the high quality of all components.
Delivery speed
The delivery period in Serbia is 2 working days where we deliver and install the device to your address. For the foreign market, the delivery period is between 5 to 15 working days, depending on the holiday and the current situation in the countries from which it comes and to which it is sent. We always try to remove all obstacles that exist around transport and we have always succeeded in that.
Reparing & Replacing hardware
Each Hola device has passed quality and stability tests. In case technical and service support is needed, Hola Systems will provide all support and replace components in a very short time.
Become Distributor?
Become a partner in the distribution of all our devices. We can create a completely new and creative product for you in accordance with your needs.