We have partners who participate in our joint development and partners for product distribution.

The goal of the Hola Systems team is to help clients design a process from idea, project presentation to realization. Experts in electronics, engineering, and design work together on assigned projects. With the expertise of over 15 successful years in the market, complete commitment adapts to your project. The Contract Model can be optimally tailored to suit our cooperation according to your requirements.

You can apply your creative application through our interactive devices. We offer a creative and innovative approach to modern technology and try to make our machines have a modern design. We may develop complex electronic components used by our devices and devices that we create or develop for you. Sensors for providing important information, additional displays, QR code scanners, printers, RFID readers can be installed in our devices. You should provide users innovative solutions that are software and hardware type. Imagine that such product users could find in squares, shopping malls, cities, hospitals, in public places. We are currently developing two new devices at the request of clients. Contact us if you have an idea that we could realize together.