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Smart Solar Bench – a modern solution for urban spaces

With the power of the idea of ​​modern design and the strong will to integrate our current technology into urban furniture, the smart solar bench was created. Also, one of the most important guiding ideas of the entire project is solar power. The idea of ​​sustainability guided us because everyone in the company cares about the environment in which we live.

A smart solar bench is a piece of furniture that completes the look of a smart park or city. This bench represents one step in the realization of the concept of Contemporary solutions.

In one of the previous articles, we wrote about smart parks and about the interactive devices that are part of the smart parks system. Now, after the realization of the Hola solar bench, we will deal with the characteristics of the solar bench to offer you a series of solutions that the bench provides to your business.


Solar energy supply is one of the characteristics of this type of device. The smart solar bench becomes self-sufficient with solar power. It has a solar panel that converts solar energy into electricity, further activating devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and electric scooters.

Our smartphones and laptops lose their function when they run out of power or batteries. The solar bench ensures that citizens can charge their phones, laptops, or scooters anytime and anywhere. Of course, we can always organize ourselves without a phone or laptop, but it is often urgent and necessary to respond to a mail, message, or call. Also, with the smart solar bench, the user can plan to study or work in nature, outdoors.


The solar bench is smart because it contributes to citizens’ quality of life. Through sensor modules that are sensitive to temperature, air humidity, etc., information is transferred to the device, which is further broadcast to citizens via the display on the bench.

The bench may display the following measurements:
– Air pollution;
– Air humidity;
– Noise level;
– Fog density;
– Pedestrian crowds (if the bench is close to the walking area);
– Traffic jams (if the bench is near a parking lot or street);
– Precipitation level.
And other measurements that are needed at the given location.

The bench, in this way, becomes a measuring point that provides the city administration with information about air quality, traffic congestion, and road accessibility. In this way, the administration can offer its fellow citizens adequate solutions.
Also, the information on the bench helps citizens be aware of whether they can run in a given part of the city, ride bicycles, or stay outdoors (if the pollution is high, it is recommended to stay at home).


The interactive device, as an integral part of the smart bench, provides users with the opportunity to be informed, educated, and entertained. The interactive display gives companies and the city the opportunity to continuously inform its citizens about current events, benefits, and sights. It can provide companies and city administration with statistics on the habits of the searchers as well as on the frequency of people in a certain period of time in a given place.
Our interactive devices are already in the system of smart cities by serving the citizens of Pec and Gjakova where they display air pollution measurements.
In Arandjelovac, the parking application serves residents to find their way around more easily and avoid crowds in the parking lot. In this way, the city management improved the city’s traffic quality.


The fact that each bench has free Wi-Fi and the possibility of wireless charging or charging via cable is in favor of working or studying outdoors on the bench. With this, the young, the employed, and the elderly get the opportunity to charge their devices and search internet content, write papers, or finish online work on the smart solar interactive bench.


The modern man is often bent over his phone or laptop. The ergonomics of the bench allow the user to feel as if he were sitting at a desk. Devices can be placed on the back of the bench, thus relieving the awkward position of the spine. In addition to the device that the user can place on the back of the bench, which becomes a table for working, studying, or researching internet content, coffee or water can also be stored to complete the atmosphere.


The answer to the question about using the bench should undoubtedly lead to citizens, residents, and tourists. They are the primary users, and the bench was designed for their benefit and enjoyment. The bench has all the required functions and appearance in order to improve the quality of life for its neighbors, people who walk, and ride bicycles, all active residents, and tourists who see the bench as a place for rest, work, study, and socializing.

Also, it is intended for the management of a city, municipality, National park, or organization. The management enhances its services with all the functionalities of the smart solar bench. Using statistics and measurements taken from the bench, leadership knows what needs should be improved, included, made, moved, built, and for what purpose.


A bench would be most cost-effective in places such as:
– City squares;
– City parks;
– Student quarters;
– Student parks;
– Shopping centers;
– Museum complex;
– Plateaus in front of tourist organizations;
– National parks;
– Tourist towns (such as Mećavnik, Andrićgrad)
– Company complexes or school/university squares;
– Promenades in seaside or mountain areas.

It achieves its highest profitability where is a high frequency of people. And the best statistics are conducted where a large number of people circulate. Residents certainly recognize the benefits of a smart solar bench, as well as tourists. In progressive countries as well as in Serbia, the need of a modern man is smart urban furniture

Companies Hola Systems and DMV from Niš are the creators of two types of benches:

– Interactive solar bench with ergonomic backrest,

– Fully solar bench with advertising space and without backrest.

Both have significant benefits. We have already listed the features and benefits of the first type of solar bench.

Another type of bench without a backrest and an interactive device is a fully solar bench. All lighting and possible energy charging are enabled through solar power. This kind of bench is completely self-supporting. Instead of an interactive part, the bench has a space that is illuminated by LED bulbs where you can place advertising materials.

The solar bench, which is entirely solar, raises awareness of renewable energy sources among its users. The sun is a gift to humanity. Combined with technologies, we get a product that provides several possibilities and, on the other hand, does not disturb a person’s healthy life.

It seems more static than the interactive solar bench but still retains all the other features of the smart solar bench:
– free WiFi; wireless charging as well as charging the phone with cable;
– has chargers for laptops and chargers for electric scooters (optional);
– air quality measurements, temperature, and other necessary parameters.


The benefits of a smart solar bench improve citizens’ quality of life and the stay of tourists in a certain environment.

Your city deserves innovation, the right information at the right time, the ability for citizens to charge their phones, laptops, and scooters in the city square. Your environment deserves to be modern.

We designed the bench because we love innovation and a healthy environment. The bench is a product of our desire for innovation, while its solar feature is a product of our constant concern for a healthy environment.

To be in step with the benefits of modern technologies and modern society, we would have to look for innovations that make our life both simpler and more meaningful. The design of the Hola solar bench represents one of those necessary innovations but also an everyday need.

If you recognize the possibility of making your environment modern and offering your citizens a design and technical solution in the form of a smart bench, write to us to match your vision and our ideas.

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