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Interactive solutions in tourism – interactive kiosk and display

Interactive solutions meet all the needs of a tourist coming to the city for the first time. Here are the answers if you are wondering how to make your tourism organization transparent to guests in your town, fellow citizens, and tourists. In the following lines read:
– How important is the interactive kiosk for the community in the tourism sector,
– How important is the content that you place on the interactive kiosk,
– Updating your content is just as important, and we’ll tell you why,
– The way you show your existing content is equally interesting for visitors and tourists.


An interactive kiosk, as one of Hola Systems’ interactive solutions, with proper and thoughtful use, becomes a point of information about all tourist locations of the city and its contents.

If you are a tourist who comes to the city or on a mountain by plan or happens to be there by accident, the interactive kiosk becomes the information desk of the tourist organization. He gives you accurate information and answers the most common questions as well as the most complex ones.


First of all, it saves time for tourists and employees. The tourist will not wander but find the necessary information through the interactive kiosk’s detailed, picturesque, and precise application.
Suppose you are a tourist on Fruška Gora or Prokletije. In that case, you can find all the information related to the mountains on our Hola interactive display 32” and on the external Hola kiosk 49”. The device displays:

• Hiking trails (we can show the difficulty of the trail and get a description of the trails);
• Trails for mountain running;
• Wine route (application for Fruška Gora);
• Calendar of events;
• Accommodation units;
• Restaurants;
• And many other contents that depend on the content of the environment and the wishes of the tourist organization – on what the organization wants to highlight.

Also, all the contents that make the environment rich and interesting for visits are shown in detail. Besides the mountain content, activities on lakes, rivers, and caves are also shown in detail. Archaeological sites and interesting buildings on Fruški Gora are highlighted because everything offered by the mountains and the surrounding area must be transparent to tourists. Also, it is important to offer content for tourists with different types of interest if the environment allows it. In Serbia and in the surrounding countries, almost all tourist destinations gather nearly all types of tourists.


We set up an interactive outdoor kiosk outdoors. It works smoothly at high plus and lowest minus. Places of installation are mainly:
– City squares,
– In front of the tourist organization (TO Gusinje, Prokletije in Montenegro; TO Aranđelovac, Serbia; TO Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina).
– Tourist towns,
– Spa parks (Bukovička Banja – Arandjelovac).

The internal display or kiosk intended for tourism is used in organizations that are closely related to tourism and culture:
– In tourist organizations (TO Paraćin, TO Trebinje, TO Niš, TO Novi Sad, TO Sremski Karlovci, TO Kladovo),
– In museums (Museum of Herzegovina, Trebinje; Museum of Abolition, Pirot),
– Galleries,
– Lobby of hotels and building complexes (Tami Residence, Niš; Porto Montenegro, Tivat),
– In the airport hall (Konstantin Veliki Airport in Nis).

As can be concluded from the above, Hola Systems interactive devices are represented in many places in Serbia and in the region’s countries. This is not the final list.


The answer is simple. Both sides. And to those who use it (tourists, locals) and device owners. In addition to saving time for navigating the area and for information, also gaining new knowledge about the environment, the device provides reliability. The tourist is sure that he got the best and most valuable information about the environment in which he is. There is no wrong in Googling and finding false information. Of course, there are also many good and quality sites with right information. Still, as an uninformed tourist who does not have time to research information on Google, you can easily separate the good from the unverified information and choose the best – the information provided by the interactive kiosk.
On the other hand, the owner of the interactive solution, in addition to saving the time of his employee who has a lot of obligations with tourists and in the organization of current obligations related to the city or the surrounding area, also has a significant benefit that the device provides – reliability in the right information. The device owner is sure that everyone who uses the interactive kiosk or the digital display for information is satisfied with the visit, tours, search for restaurants, and content.


The content on the interactive solutions should be updated or changed frequently. Of course, there are also pages with general content, but the changing events have new characteristics and should be followed. If a music festival is announced on the mountain, it should be announced properly, on time, and on display because that way, the event becomes visible to many people.
Also, if the museum exhibit gets new features or is completely changed, it should be supported with new information on an interactive device. Recent developments and changes in culture and tourism should be transparent and accessible to many people, both tourists, and residents. In that way, the institution is well visited, and the event is successfully carried out because every creative idea exists for people who enjoy its content. And people need information that they can easily find on an interactive device designed for tourism.


What would this actually mean? This actually means that contents that do not change and cannot be changed but are essential for cognition and familiarity can get a different kind of presentation. For example, the room of Branko Miljković and Stevan Sremac in Niš, a permanent exhibition of the Niš museum, can be upgraded with our devices and their application.

Of course, everything would be shown through a 3D animation or a gallery of images. Our devices are an excellent platform for launching AR or VR content.
Also, by starting the audio guide, the image of the past can be brought closer, allowing the visitor to immerse himself in it. Such an experience is achieved through the narration and the atmosphere that the music appropriate to that era emits.

For the municipality of Gusinje on Prokletije, beside the interactive kiosk that finds its application actively, we made audio guides that present past and present events and sights of Gusinje and its surroundings. The project is significant both – for the municipality and the locals. The project is important for tourists and those who come to Prokletije. To everyone who searches more profound experience of the mountain and mountain places.

The company Hola Systems recently cooperated with the Tourist Organization of the City of Trebinje. Interactive solutions found their application in the Museum of Herzegovina and front of the Tourist Organization. We know that Trebinje is going in the direction of digitization. It unobtrusively combines the archaic outlines of the city with technical innovations. The town preserves its antiquity with architecture and landmarks that tell the story from the past, while interactive devices maintain the city’s modern consciousness. They say in their slogan – Trebinje is a place for all generations. They confirmed that by choosing our devices for their business.

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